Why WeVolunteer

There are many different reasons why we chose to volunteer. The following are some of the reasons why we volunteer:-

  • Voluntarism builds a caring, mutually supportive society of active citizens.
  • It makes a major economic contribution to the development of societies.
  • It widens social and cultural networks, building bridges between sectors of society.
  • It benefits the individuals who volunteers, enhancing self-esteem and building skills and experience.
  • It gives people who are sometimes excluded from the society the opportunity to contribute to its development.
  • It enhances individual learning and experience.
  • It draws on enthusiasm and energy of the young and develops potential and enhances employability.
  • It fosters a “Can-do” attitude, enabling societies to help themselves.
  • It provides an opportunity to share your love, joy, gifts and talent with others.
  • Gain a sense of pride and joy in giving back to the community, whether at home or abroad.