WhatWe Do

UCDV is a multi-voluntary service organization that conducts a number of community service projects to the most vulnerable communities/groups in Uganda. These include:-

Only 56% of the total population in Uganda can access safe and clean water.

UCDV has spearhead to transfer lives by improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation good practice in Uganda’s poorest communities. We have opted to focus on constructing and protecting spring wells reason being that they last longer and easy to maintain.

The duty for water and sanitation maintenance invariably falls to women and girls in Uganda.

Water and sanitation related diseases are account for a high percentage of diseases especially amongst children in Uganda. Over 75% of Uganda’s diseases burden is considered to be preventable resulting from poor personal and domestic hygiene and inadequate sanitation facilities.

Uganda like many other developing countries in sub-Saharan Africa, is still struggling to ensure that all its people have access to safe water and good sanitation. Nearly 60 in every 10 persons in rural or urban areas have no access to basic sanitation facilities and safe water point within 1 km walking distance.

We have introduced a participatory hygiene and sanitation training (PHAST Program) that cautions the participant above good hygiene and sanitation practices in home, communities and schools.

We make a quarterly valuation and reward the best performing communities, schools and individuals.

There are 19 million orphans in Uganda and half of them are as a result of HIV/AIDS.

Most of them live with their elderly grand mothers who are too frail and poor to provide for the orphans in their care the basic need if any Human being.

Many children have gone through very traumatic period. As a result of the ongoing epidemic, many children are now orphaned by the AIDS virus. Having seen their parents die, one after another, from AIDS related illness, they are either left to fund themselves or they have been taken from their homes by often unscrupulous relatives, with siblings often separated.

At the worst extreme children are being locked in houses by step-parents or distant relatives, and being forced to go without food for days. Young girls are abused and children of the dead have left for the streets and garbage dumps. Sadly there are still reports of children being kidnapped and sacrificed in witchcraft rituals. The out cry has made us resolve to raise and assist these needy children with the help of our friends in Uganda and overseas.

As part of our vision we are seeking for friends, well-wishers, Donor agencies to come and join hands with us so that Orphan Vulnerable Children (OVCs) of Uganda can improve on the standard of living and have better education for their bright future.

Sponsoring a needy child is more than just a matter of giving money. You will become familiar with this child in a very personal way. While you are aware of them, these children are also aware of you. They regard you as a great blessing in their lives; more than you can probably fully appreciate. They will pray for you each day as well as write letters to you. We will send you photographs and information about the child you sponsor.

For more information, about child sponsorship please contact us at: info@ucdv.org

Despite limited financial resources UCDV is at heart to all Orphaned Vulnerable Children and school dropouts. The incense of this programme is to empower these people by giving them vocational life skills in order to be self reliant.

UCDV offers a wide number of vocational training programme among which include;

Brick laying, Carpentry and Joinery, Electrical installation, Welding, Knitting and Computer training.

UCDV salutes all programmes that are geared at protecting environment. It has been fully engaged in conducting Environmental Protection Education in communities, schools and other environmental agencies.